Sharpe Family

This letter is to congratulate you on the quality of your staff, in particular, the representative who replaced my four windows. Your employee did a wonderful job, taking out the old windows and installing the new ones.  He was efficient, professional, took time to answer questions and went beyond what I expected in creating a polished & finished installation.  He accomplished in less time than what it took two people to do for a set of windows I had installed from a different vendor.


Rassmussen Family

You guys did an amazing job.  I am so happy with everything! Nice and clean work.  I am so happy you were polite and clean.


North Family

Windows and Glass is the best there is! Very pleased with how hard your representative worked.  He was respectful and I am impressed that he did all but two windows by himself.  He cleaned up very well. I was surprised when he never gave up when the job got a little challenging.  He always had a smile on his face and kept me up to date with what he was doing.